At Vempathy we understand the need for privacy and security in UX testing. We’ve been there – whether you’re testing an unreleased visionary prototype or a live marketing website you wouldn’t want your insights falling into the wrong hands. That’s why we have prioritized privacy and security in the design of our systems. Our team has extensive background in payments and banking systems. We have used this experience to influence the development of Vemapthy to suit even the most security-conscious customers.


In Vempathy’s dashboard all recordings and reports are private and available only to you after logging in by default. However, we recognize that UX testing is a collaborative process that should involve your team, which is why we have built in sharing features to ensure you can share the results of your UX tests with your team.

You have the option to make individual recording videos public. When you do, a unique URL will be generated that you can share with others. If you are looking for other ways to share the results of your UX test you can also download individual videos and export your test results.


All recording and playback transmissions are encrypted at rest and in transit using industry standard encryption algorithms.

Data Storage

All Vempathy data is encrypted and stored with AWS, where data is covered by AWS System and Organizational Controls (SOC). You can review the AWS SOC reports here.

Third-Party Data Providers

The results that Vempathy produces would not be possible without the data provided by our partners. All third-party data providers that Vempathy relies on to support our systems are heavily vetted to ensure compliance with our strict requirements.


All use and data is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


If you have additional questions or need more information about our data privacy and security policies please contact us via email at