Get instant insights from your research.

Simple setup & real-time results.

1. Launch your project

Tell us what you want to test; be it your marketing website, onboarding flow, or a new feature. Then send your Vempathy URL to co-workers, beta users, or testers so that they can record themselves.

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Our team of expert researchers are here to help you setup your project.
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We employ end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest to protect your data.

2. Review qualitative results

Vempathy produces qualitative emotion reports so that you can easily identify the most insightful moments of your user recordings and collaborate with your team on annotations. Vempathy also produces short highlight reels of the most emotional moments that you can share with your team to save everyone some time.

Review Quantitative Metrics with Vempathy's Recording Review

3. Present quantitative results

Vempathy’s speciality is extracting quantitative data from your qualitative research. We provide a reporting suite that provides you with quantitative data, which you can present to your entire team to justify changes and inspire action.

Vempathy Quantitative Metrics
Journey Maps
We automatically generate journey maps so you can measure emotion throughout the user experience.
Iterative Results
See how user emotion valence is increasing and decreasing from iteration to iteration.
Advanced Emotion Tracking
Deep dive on all of the 4,200 emotion data points that Vempathy tracks by the millisecond.