Our proprietary algorithms analyze emotion data.

Vempathy’s proprietary emotion detection algorithms analyze over 4,200 data points per minute to provide valuable insights that help you improve your user experience. Our software looks at facial expressions, tone of voice, and sentiment.

Vempathy Emotion Analysis

We provide theĀ highest accuracy emotion analysis currently available.

Our algorithms leverage advanced data stores and are routinely refined for accuracy.

Emotion Data Synthesis

We learned early on that analyzing how people feel with just one emotion data stream is not sufficient to achieve high accuracy. Since then we have designed our algorithms to be highly accurate by synthesizing multiple emotion data streams.




How do you do this exactly?

We can’t spill the beans because this is our secret sauce. We have developed the most advanced emotion data synthesis and analysis algorithms available. Want to learn how we do it?

How we developed the most advanced emotion analysis algorithms.

We follow four key values in everything that we do, because we know from experience that they lead to the best outcomes.

In-House Research

Our team has conducted extensive research about usability testing subjects and how they react in different scenarios. This research stems from the problems that we faced personally when conducting user research.

3rd Party Expertise

We rely on the expertise of third-party researchers, psychologists, and data services to ensure that our platform is not only accurate, but also effective. One example is our reliance on IBM’s Watson platform.


We ensure high accuracy by testing our software routinely. How do we do this exactly? We “eat our own dog food” and run our own user research studies using the Vempathy platform to review results that you might see yourself.

Customer Feedback

To ensure that our systems become more and more accurate, we routinely revise our algorithms based on customer feedback. When we hear that something was not as accurate as it should have been, we take action.