Designed for Adobe XD

Vempathy for Adobe XD

Get feedback on your design where it matters: users emotional reactions. With the Vempathy plugin you will build better digital experiences with rapid customer feedback and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. You will see exactly when participants express different emotions while interacting with your designs.

Vempathy Emotion Analysis

The Vempathy Plugin for Adobe XD brings advanced feedback on your designs right from your workflow.

Research Your Users

To get started, add your Adobe XD prototype URL to the plugin, and Vempathy will walk you through the rest. Try Vempathy with your first project free! Participant recruitment not included.

How It Works

In just three simple steps you can test your designs with Vempathy from within Adobe XD!

1. Publish Your Prototype

2. Open the Plugin

3. Select Your Prototype

Once you have imported your prototype, Vempathy helps you design your study and will recruit test participants for you. In no time at all you will have videos and metrics to show you exactly how users feel when they interact with your designs. Try it today!

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