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Vempathy is the #1 choice for fast UX tests among top UX designers.

Single UX Test (One Time)
$995 Test Participants Included
1 UX Test
5 Test Participants Included
Additional Testers from $20/Each
Nielsen Severity Analysis
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Pro (Monthly)
$269/month3 Tests with Test Participants
3 UX Tests
Additional Tests from $95
5 Test Participants per Test Included
Additional Testers from $20/Each
Nielsen Severity Analysis
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Expert (Monthly)
$399/month5 Tests with Test Participants
5 UX Tests
Additional Tests from $89
5 Test Participants per Test Included
Additional Testers from $20/Each
Nielsen Severity Analysis
UX Test Consulting
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What is a UX Test?
UX tests allow you to prompt test participants to complete a series of tasks or answer a series of questions. Vempathy recruits the test participants, records every session, and provides you with videos & analysis.
How long does a test take?
From the time you launch your test you will usually have results in a few hours. You can expect a test to be completed within 24 hours and we guarantee all tests are completed within 48 hours.
How much do test participants cost?
Up to 5 test participants (no filtering) are included in the price of your UX tests.
Who will be my test participants?
We recruit high quality test participants in the United States. Depending on your requirements you can specify more concrete specifications and screening questions for your test participant for an additional fee.
Can I use Vempathy with my team?
Yes! You can easily export videos and reports to share with your team. To use Vempathy collaboratively with your team please contact us.
Are there any contracts?
Our Project plan is a one time fee. For our Pro and Expert plans we do not require any contracts. These plans are month-to-month to provide you with flexibility – just provide 30 days notice to cancel your subscription.
What form of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you require an invoice to pay by check or bank transfer please contact us.
Are payments secure?
Yes, we work with Stripe to ensure that your payment information is protected with bank level security with end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

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Recruitment Pricing

Participants are always sourced from the USA unless requested otherwise. Up to 5 participants are included without filtering for each UX test.

Basic Filtering - Up to 5 Testers
$0/testerUSA Based & International Test Participants
Advanced Filtering
$20/testerUp to 2 Basic Filters. 10 Tester Minimum
Pro Filtering
$90/testerIncludes a Screener Survey