Qualitative Research at Scale

For Enterprise User Research Teams

Use Vempathy for larger sample sizes.

Vempathy helps you conduct research at scale by quantifying your qualitative research.

With traditional qualitative recording software you can only survey a small sample size because the analysis of your qualitative research takes a lot of time. You can’t record 100 users because it would take to much time to review those recordings and manually draw conclusions.

Vempathy quantifies your qualitative research. This means that you can record as many users as you like and Vempathy will provide data about their emotions throughout the user experience. Since Vempathy’s advanced emotion analysis can capture the most insightful moments from every session, we can provide the same value that you get with insights from a few sessions at scale.

Emotions analyzed to date


Value of Insights (%)

  • Vempathy
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          # of Recordings/Research Sessions

Fast Setup
Get setup and start your first research projects in minutes, not hours.
Remote Studies
Conduct large scale user research with users and testers around the world.
Insightful Reporting
Our reports show you where you need to improve from your large scale studies.
Iterative Testing

Iterative Reporting

Conduct all of your research using Vempathy to see iterative reports on how your users are reacting to changes. Our iterative reporting can support both versioning and A/B testing.

Journey Mapping

Visualize how users feel about each step in your user experience using Vempathy’s automatically generated user journey maps. We’ll show you the highs and lows of your user experience so you know where to focus your efforts.

Journey Mapping
Highlight Reels

Automatic Highlight Reels

Your product, design, and engineering teams don’t have time to watch hours of recordings with you. Our automatic highlight reels provide you with ready-to-share videos that contain the most emotional moments in context. Your team will appreciate these time savings!

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