Faster User Research

Vempathy shows you when your customers are confused, frustrated, angry, and more using artificial intelligence so you can improve your UX.

Use Vempathy for faster user research.

Vempathy shows you the most insightful moments from your user research using artificial intelligence.

You don’t have a full-time researcher, so the user research process is often neglected or dismissed altogether.

Vempathy analyzes your users’ emotions. This means that you can passively conduct research and have results delivered to your inbox. Prompt your users, customers, or beta testers to record themselves and we’ll show you when they become confused, frustrated, angry and more.

Vempathy Recording on Laptop
Fast Setup
Get setup and start your first research projects in minutes, not hours.
Remote Studies
Conduct large scale user research with users and testers around the world.
Insightful Reporting
Our reports show you where you need to improve from your large scale studies.
Vempathy Emoji Seek Bar

Emotion Seek / Scrub

Quickly skip or scrub to the parts of your user research recordings when your users express certain emotions. We will call out delight, confusion, frustration, anger, and more!

Aggregate Quantitative Data

Our aggregate emotion reporting allows you to see how you are doing and make data driven or data informed design decisions. It’s important to see how your users feel, because emotions define behavior.

Vempathy Data-Driven Design
Vempathy Transcription


Vempathy transcribes all of your user research recordings so that you have notes to use in your review. We even time stamp the transcripts so that you can quickly seek back to what users said and understand the quote in context.

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