Artificial intelligence improves your research.

Remove Bias

Surveys are biased. Our emotion analysis provides genuine feedback and our reporting measures how your team is improving.

Research at Scale

We quantify qualitative research. With Vempathy’s technology you can conduct research at scale. See how hundreds of users feel about your user experience.

Automated Reporting

Our automated reporting produces highlight reels, journey maps, and recommendations for you to share with your entire team.

What is Vempathy?

Vempathy provides next generation customer experience research software to show companies how their customers feel using a webcam and artificial intelligence analysis.

Vempathy’s proprietary emotion detection software analyzes over 4,200 data points every minute to provide valuable insights that help you improve your customer experience.


Looking Forward: Our Vision

While we are laser focused on improving the user research process for software companies of all sizes, we realize that our technology and methods are valuable across industries.

We dedicate a portion of our research and development time to understanding how the accuracy of our emotion measurement technology can be applied beyond user research. Some current areas of interest include healthcare, human resources, and sales. Have an interesting use case for highly accurate emotion detection? Please contact us.


What’s in a Name?

Vempathy stands for video empathy, which embodies our mission to help you understand and share the feelings of your customers with artificial intelligence.

Our Story

We started Vempathy after running into problems with the user research process while consulting for other companies. Our founder, Paul, had hours and hours of usability test and screen recordings to review, but knew well that he was looking to find the short clips in which his users became confused or frustrated.

As a problem solver, Paul decided to begin analyzing the videos to identify those insightful, thirty second clips. Turns out, it worked, and he was able to condense over ten hours of videos into under five minutes of video that would influence the design process.

In June 2017, we began conducting research to better understand the pain points involved in the user research process and shortly thereafter we began building.

The initial prototype of Vempathy was built overnight and an MVP followed in just three weeks time. Since then we have been iterating on the initial MVP and working with beta users to refine our products.

We continue to push the boundaries of traditional user experience research by applying and improving our artificial intelligence technologies. Our goal is to empower organizations to conduct more research faster by quantifying what has always been qualitative data.